Tribal Enrollment

Anyone applying for enrollment in the Modoc Tribe must meet the following qualifications:

  • An applicant for membership by enrollment shall furnish the tribal registrar with documented proof of ancestry tracing the individual back to a person listed on the current roll or the 1878 Quapaw Agency modoc Census of Subsistence and Ration list.
  • Proof of ancestry shall include tribal enrollment cards, certified birth, death, marriage or baptismal certificates; church records; court records; census records or a roll or historical record of the Modoc Tribe of Oklahoma.
  • Persons, not already on the Modoc Roll, that are or have been enrolled with another Federal Recognized Tribe shall be ineligible for membership in the Modoc Tribe of Oklahoma. This Section shall be interpreted to prohibit dual enrollment and membership transfers.

You can find the enrollment form here

Article II – Tribal Membership

Act of March 9, 1909

Modoc Tribal Enrollment Code