Modoc Business Office

Your business within the Modoc Tribal Nation

The Modoc Tribal Nation is a progressive and innovative Federally Recognized Sovereign Nation.  Operating it’s own business entities, the Modoc Tribal Nation understands the burdens of regulations that can impede progress and economic development.  The Modoc Tribal Nation offers your business options; and does so under an amenable regulatory environment within it’s sovereign jurisdiction.  The government and leaders of the Modoc Tribal Nation have been in place since 1974 and are the longest tenured government leaders among all 567 Federally Recognized Native American Tribes in the United States, and quite possibly the world.  The stability and leadership of the Modoc Tribal Nation cannot be found anywhere else!


Modoc Insurance Authority

Modc Domicile

Modoc Sports Commission

Modoc Tribe Financial Services Authority